Monday, May 18, 2009

welcome to my work page - From Back to Basics Massage

They say when one door closes, another one opens. That’s exactly what happened for Julie C. Eger as she sat in Professor Andrew Schaefer’s office. Andrew closed the door to the conference room. Julie knew that whatever he said could change everything. This could be the day she would leave behind the life she’d known as a wife and mother. This could be the day she would launch into a world she’d only dreamed about.

Andrew was the Swedish massage professor at the Racine YMCA Massage School. He was also legally blind. They sat in chairs facing each other, and during the interview Andrew held both of Julie’s hands in his. “Your hands are the smallest I’ve encountered for this year’s class. Having small hands could make this kind of work difficult for you,” he said softly.

Julie didn’t move. He must have felt a hint of hesitation. “But I also feel a strength that is missing from the other prospective students. You have a magic quality in your hands, an awareness. I sense a persistence in you, a resolve. If you can last the first five years doing massage work without experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, I think you’ll be fine. It’s up to you. I would accept you in my class if you’re willing to attend.”

That was in 1995, and today Julie works full time in her private home-office. Her hands have witnessed many things. She works with clients of all ages and genders from all walks of life. She is concerned and contemplative of each person who walks through her door. She welcomes all of them. Each one that leaves her office leaves a piece of them with her. She will never be the same because of it. She hopes their experience at From Back to Basics Massage has affected them in a positive way that will be evident in many aspects of their life. Her goal is to stay in touch.

Julie C. Eger 2007